Victoria Sanderson

Victoria is a freelance writer with an MFA in Creative Nonfiction Writing from Oregon State University. Her work has been published at Mental Floss, The Smart Set, and Hidden Compass, among other publications. She loves three things: travel, old movies, and her dog Spree. Stars and Screens is a blatant attempt to combine all three. For more information, check out her personal website: vsanderson.com or follow her on Instagram @victoriasanderson53.


Spree Sanderson

Spree is an 8ish year old rescue mutt who has been with Victoria since 2012. Despite difficult beginnings, Spree has gone on to enjoy a life of travel, fuzzy blankets, and expensive, artisanal, organic treats. She’s an experienced road tripper, having already crossed the United States several times and an equally experienced drive-in movie goer. Some of her many accomplishments include graduating from a dog parkour class, having a master’s thesis dedicated to her, and modeling for numerous photo shoots.



A 1984 Scotty Gaucho trailer, Honeybear is the oldest and wisest member of the team. Measuring just 13 feet from end to end, Honeybear contains the necessities: a small kitchen, a bed, and a table. This simplicity leaves no room for wasted space or extra junk.